Frequently asked questions

How many rooms do the apartments have?

Studio B consists exclusively of one-bedroom apartments. They are therefore designed for single occupancy.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately not. Before keeping a pet, the tenant needs to obtain the permission of the landlord and the building’s administration.

Can non-students become tenants?

The apartments are only let to students and vocational trainees.

Is it possible to move into the apartments at an earlier date?

Unfortunately not. The apartments are available for first-time occupancy from 1 February 2016.

Do I need to submit a work contract/proof of income if I am a student?

In the case of a guarantee of payment (the best option for students), the contracting partner’s (guarantor, parents) work contract or proof of income must be submitted. If no one can be found to act as guarantor, a relative or relatives must assume the payment obligation.

Are any furnished apartments available?

In general, no, though some individual apartments do come furnished.
Can the apartments be viewed?

Can the apartments be viewed?

Yes, Studio B apartments can be viewed. The caretaker in Keibelstraße 6,10178 Berlin-Mitte is available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on saturday morning for this purpose. 
If you wish to attend a viewing during this time slot, we ask that you register in good time, two days in advance, using the contact form.